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Transform your B2B marketing and sales data into revenue generating insights. 
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B2B marketing and sales stacks are... a tangled web.
Data chaos & data silos are holding your team back from understanding what's working and where to invest next.
Mesh automatically unifies, cleans and synthesizes your data.
Securely integrate with 100+ systems to produce a unified picture of your sales and marketing motions at an account level.
And our intelligence layer analyzes that data to uncover revenue generating insights.
Our AI multi-touch attribution and recommendation engine uncovers hidden gems - no data science required.
Then we bring everything together in one platform.
Easily view campaign, tactic, and channel level multi-touch attribution to see your ROI, influenced revenue, pipeline velocity and much more.
Packed with powerful features...
Multi-touch revenue attribution
Cut your data by campaign, channel, tactic or account and run it through our proprietary AI-powered multi-touch attribution model to understand true ROI and influence.
Actionable AI recommendations
No more waiting for data science. Receive plain-English recommendations at the campaign and tactic level to help you focus on the most important actions.
Real-time alerting for your data
Get real-time alerts via Slack or email for anomalies in your data, so that you can quickly take action to make adjustments to your campaigns or tactics.
Anonymous web visitor identification
With the Mesh SDK installed, you'll be able to see which accounts are visiting your website and track those touch-points to get a complete picture of your customer journey.
Account level reporting
See the entire journey and all of the key touch-points for accounts in your pipeline to understand the golden touches that drive the best customer conversions.
Integrations with 100+ systems
No system left behind. Securely integrate 100+ marketing and sales systems via our easy to use data connection provider, Fivetran.
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