Put simply, "revenue marketing" is marketing designed to drive revenue as opposed to just brand awareness. 

Your marketing team should be optimized for revenue and create the materials needed to help your buyer at all stages of the funnel. In fact companies that develop marketing for every stage of the buyer journey in cooperation with sales generate 209% more revenue from their marketing efforts [Adobe]. In a remote world, research shows this is even more difficult to achieve; remote teams report having the worst alignment between marketing & sales, making it even more imperative to find a system that keeps the whole team working together [Martech Series].

That’s why we created this handy guide - so you can audit your own marketing and understand if your bases are covered to ensure you meet and exceed your goals.

These are your typical Revenue Marketing pipeline stages:

It’s crucial that your marketing team is supporting your sales team for each of these stages with the right type of content. 

Now let’s start at the top:

👋 Awareness:

Awareness posts are snackable, shareable content that is designed for new businesses to get into your funnel. Think short, visual and helpful to your users. This is NOT a chance for you to list out all the reasons your product is amazing. Find topics that interest your users and reflect your unique point of view that will add value to your target audience. 

Examples Include:

  1. Infographics: A tight visual with your logo that can be shared between teammates at your target companies.
  2. Blog Post: Short articles providing value or addressing your customers pain points (like this one!).
  3. Social Media Posts
  4. Videos
  5. Quizzes
  6. Podcasts
  7. Promoted Studies on Linkedin

Company Spotlight: Capchase

Capchase's post teaches startups how to calculate their burn rate and what a successful startup should be shooting for. The article does not mention Capchase’s offering.

🙋 Interest:

This is the point where your customer now knows you exist, but they don’t necessarily know 100% of what you do or why they should choose you. The content you create here should continue to add value to your target by developing your prospect’s understanding of the scope and implications of the problem they’re facing and how you can fix it. Here you can start to focus on your unique value and why your company or product stands out in the market.

Examples Include:

  1. Webinars
  2. Newsletters
  3. Whitepapers on key topics
  4. Expert guides

Company Spotlight: Altrio

Altrio created this fact sheet to directly targets real estate investment firms, laying out exactly how this category of buyer can make use of the software, and why it’s unique in the market.

🙇 Consideration & Intent

Now sales likely has engaged the lead, but marketing is still essential at helping close the deal, both via content the buyer chooses to consume on their own and what your sales rep decides to send along. The buyer is leaning in but there is still work to get them over the hump. Marketing can also be used to not only to close the deal but to accelerate it and increase deal size. These tactics should continue to provide value on their own, but now be focused on helping leads understand how they specifically can make use of your product and how it will fit into their business workflows and needs. These should be targeted at converting your key stakeholder within the company, who will be the one championing the deal in the next stage.

Examples Include:

  1. An ROI Calculator
  2. Personalized Marketing Campaign Based on Pain Points & Industry
  3. Targeted Linkedin Ads

Client Spotlight: Mad Mobile

Mad Mobile uses an ROI calculator to show restaurants exactly how much they can save by switching to its online ordering platform.

🤔 Evaluation:

We are at the home stretch of that big contract - you can almost taste it, but don’t take your foot off the gas yet! Marketing and sales collaborate at this stage to ensure your key stakeholder has exactly what they need to champion the deal and to engage with others in the company who can influence a purchase decision. This is the content that will make it easy for your champion to make a case internally. What can you provide them that can help them sell your product to their team?

Examples include:

  1. Social Proof like Customer Reviews
  2. Interactive Product Demos
  3. Third party pages about your product (G2, Capterra)
  4. Custom Deal Room Sites

💳 Purchase!

You did it! Marketing and sales alignment = B2B revenue nirvana… but the battle doesn't stop here. In a SaaS world, we’re only as good as our next contract renewal - hich brings us to our final section.

🔁 Retention & Renewal:

Once your buyer is in your system, you need to keep them happy to prevent churn and ideally sell additional products. That’s why you’ll want to create content tailored for paying users of your platform. This isn’t just a group of users, this is your community - so find ways to engage and delight them that meet and exceed their expectations.  These tactics should be focused on educating users on how to make the most out of your product and keeping them excited by showcasing how your product has created value.

Examples Include:

  1. Product Education Webinars 
  2. Lifecycle Marketing Emails (Milestones & Recognitions)
  3. Product Newsletters
  4. User Community Forums
  5. Customer Spotlight Social Media

🔬But how do you know any of this works?

Putting out great marketing and sales content is only half the battle. Validating and measuring your content at each stage of the funnel is essential for your marketing (and sales teams) to perform at the highest level. 

That’s why we built a comprehensive and intuitive B2B revenue analytics & attribution tool, Mesh Analytics, for you to see how all of your marketing and sales tactics are performing and what their impact is on the bottom line. Don’t just throw good content out there and hope for the best! Set up a weekly or bi-weekly cadence with your team to review how your marketing and sales efforts are performing so you can do more of the good stuff and quickly stop wasting your money and time on the bad. 

Want to see how Mesh tracks your marketing and sales impact and effectiveness? Book time here.

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